Semi-Cheap Starterskit for KAP

You can make KAP-ing as expensive as you like.
But it’s also fun to see what you can do with semi-cheap gear that works out of the box and can be bought around the corner.


The kite is pretty important.
It’s lifting your camera and needs to be trusted to keep your cam in one piece.
But ‘regular’ kits can do a lot already.
To start out I would recommend a delta.
Easy flyers and great lifters.
And there are some great common deltas around that can do the job.
Like a 6.5′ Delta by HQ/Invento or Premier.
They go for about € 25,-.
You might wanna check-out the Deltas at Into The Wind as well.

To the kite you need a line.
You propably will get 60 mtrs of cheap line with the kite but I would recommend to buy something like a 50 kg/200 mtrs dacron line.
You can buy it for about € 15,-.
At least you will gain some heigth with your cam and you’ll have a great and safe line for other kites as well if it turns out you’re digging KAP-ing. :)

Put that on a 8″ spool and your kite is ready to go.


The camera needs to be suspended from the kite line.
And you can be really creative about this one.
Some people do amazing stuff with kite line and gaffer tape.
I made my own DIY Poor Man’s Paint Mixer Stick Half Picavet.
That will cost around nothing with stuff you propably have already lying around.
This device will connect your camera to the kite line and makes sure the camera stays level.

The camera is propably the most expensive part of the whole system.
It would be great if you could find a compact digital camera with an intervalometer.
This intervalometer makes a picture every so seconds.
But these cameras are hard to find in the stores.
A good idea is to get yourself a nice second-hand Canon compact camera and flash the firmware with CDHK.
I had a GoPro camera lying around for other stuff and it’s a nice little rascal for KAP-ing.
Nice wide-angle lens, intervalometer and waterproof.

Some inventive ways to suspend your camera to a kite line can be seen on Flickr.


This set will get you going for sure.
A kite that flies out of the box and cams that work without too much hassle.
I always like it when something works when I start a new thing and I get enthusiastic to explore the possibilities. :)

But you can go way cheaper.
By making your own stuff.
Or being creative.
There are tons of great ideas on the webbernets as well.

Have fun!

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